Thank You For Your Interest In My Music Mission.

I am currently scheduling a tour in your area and would love to share my music with your congregation. Below is some general information about me and my music mission.

About Me

My name is Stephen Bautista. I’m a believer in Christ, a WELS member (Beautiful Savior, Las Vegas), and a singer/songwriter. I travel around the country full-time in an RV with my wife and nine kids to share my Christ-centered music with WELS & ELS congregations everywhere.

My Mission

My mission is simple– to enlighten the lost and encourage the found.  I believe there are many tools that God has given us for the purpose of spreading the Gospel and for encouraging fellow believers. For me, that tool is music. Music is considered the universal language and, if utilized properly, can break down barriers like no other form of communication.  It is my heart’s desire to use my God-given musical talents to tell a lost and hurting world of Christ’s free forgiveness, and also to encourage fellow believers as they continue on their daily walk with Christ.

My Music

In the past, contemporary Christian music has been viewed very skeptically by our church body…and for good reason. Much of the popular Christian music has tended to be 
theologically shallow and emotion driven.

My music is thoughtful, insightful, biblically based, and theologically sound. The lyrical themes of my songs range from straightforward messages of Law and Gospel, to deep, thought-provoking musings about our unlikely relationship with an almighty God, to light-hearted songs that speak to the many issues Christians encounter on a daily basis.

When asked what my music sounds like, I am often at a loss to fit it into any particular genre, but I often hear the name James Taylor when people describe how my music sounds to them. It can be very upbeat, but also very mellow and solemn.

All of my music is original, and, while never intended to be a replacement for our beloved hymns, it can be used as an effective tool for outreach and edification.

I have 4 CDs available that were professionally produced and recorded in Nashville, TN.
If you haven’t heard my music before, here are some samples.

Types of Events

Worship:  Much of my music is well-suited for worship and can easily be blended into a traditional Lutheran worship service (i.e. pre-service music, opening song, responses, offering, in place of some hymns, and/or closing song).

Evening Concert:  Let me come and share an evening of Christ-centered music with your congregation and community. Evening concerts are typically more relaxed and casual than worship concerts, providing me an opportunity to engage the audience on a more personal level. Evening concerts are great for community outreach events or a refreshing way to encourage and edify the congregation. They can also be scheduled in conjunction with a potluck or social event. Depending on your needs or preference, an evening concert lasts anywhere from 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

Special Event:  When scheduling allows, I can also customize a music event to enhance your church anniversary celebration, outreach effort, neighborhood block party, or other event.

Read What Some WELS Pastors Say:

"Stephen Bautista has been gifted by the Lord to put the Word of God and its powerful impact on his life into song in an inspiring and enjoyable way. The combination of Stephen’s genuine faith and his artistic abilities has resulted in fresh, original music which declares God’s praises. Not only are the melodies enjoyable to listen to, but the lyrics are packed with meaning. While Stephen truly is an artist and a poet, neither his music nor the message can be misunderstood. Drawing upon a wealth of knowledge from the Scriptures and personal experience in his walk with Jesus, Stephen directs the listener’s mind and heart to God’s gracious activity on behalf of his people. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the glory of God are front and center in Stephen’s music ministry. We have had Stephen play on a number of occasions in a variety of settings (e.g., in worship, in concert, and at outreach events), and his music has always been well-received. Some have commented that he is their favorite Christian musical artist. Without reservation I can recommend Stephen Bautista to any congregation, regardless of whether they are contemporary or traditional in their worship style.”
Pastor Matt Vogt, Water of Life Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, NV
"Of course Steve’s music comes from the heart of a child of God to the hearts of children of God—that’s expected. But Steve’s music goes farther. It comes from the heart of Christ, setting forth sin and grace, Law and Gospel, with all its comfort and encouragement, as only a Lutheran in love with Jesus’ Word could do. He’s always a welcomed friend in our church!”
Pastor Don Pieper, Green Valley Evangelical Lutheran Church, Henderson, NV
"Steve’s music has a way of connecting with people by connecting them in the most important way – to Christ. He communicates the beautiful truths of God’s Word through his own beautiful music. What a blessing it is to enjoy his talents and ministry!”
Pastor Aaron Strong, Shepherd of The Hills Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, NV

Read What Some WELS Members Say:

"Steve's music is inspiring. Each song is applicable to my own life and often encourages me to take a step back and focus on what is really important. And it's really fun to hear my 6 and 3 year old girls singing "Flowers are Dancing" together, too."
Karen B, St Marks Lutheran Church, Green Bay, WI
"His music is timeless. You listen to it at Easter and it works and then you listen at Christmas and it applies. Whenever I listen to his music I feel like he was thinking of me when he wrote it."
Sherry M, Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, Las Vegas, NV

What I Charge

I do not ask for a set honorarium when I come to your church during my scheduled tour. I will gladly accept a free will offering and would like to be able to offer my CDs for sale.

If you are interested in scheduling a special event that is not part of my scheduled tour, please contact me to discuss options and fees.

What To Expect From Me

  • I have my own equipment/sound system and only require an outlet.
  • My music is fairly mellow, is appealing to all ages, and has been widely accepted in the churches I have visited.
  • I will play my music at a volume level that is comfortable for all ages.
  • I will provide customized promotional material, along with some easy-to-implement ideas to help you promote the event.
  • My family and I travel with a travel trailer and do not require accommodations.

What To Do Next?

I hope this information helped you make a decision about letting me share my music with your congregation.  If you are interested in booking a date or would like more information, please reply to the original email sent to you, or click the link below to use the contact form.