When The Wind Blows, Flowers Dance

Have you ever noticed that some things in nature just seem to thrive in adverse environments?  Some even have their beauty enhanced by what we may consider to be less-than-perfect conditions.


Take flowers for instance, one of the most beautiful creations that God gave to us.  Most can appreciate their delicate beauty in and of itself, but I find them to be even more captivating when the wind is tossing them around as if they are happily engaging in a whimsical, carefree dance.

This imagery was, in fact, the inspiration for the song “Flowers Are Dancing,” which is featured on my CD A Childlike Faith. (You can listen to the entire song at the bottom of this post.)

I must admit, though, I didn’t always have this fondness for windblown, dancing flowers.

In the desert where we live, the wind blows daily and incessantly. I personally don’t care much for the wind, especially when it blows at the frequency and rate that it does in our valley.

As my wife Christy can attest, you can often assess my mood by the rate at which the winds are a blowin’—light or no wind, great mood; moderate or gale force winds, not-so-great mood.

As sad as that truth may be, I can happily report that I have at least been able to learn a very valuable lesson as a result of my less-than-affectionate opinion of the desert wind.

Every morning I peek out my window in an effort to gauge the day’s wind speed based on how much the flowers are “dancing” around (yes, we have flowers in the desert).

One day, as I was staring at the frolicking flowers and once again stressing about the velocity of the wind, I was suddenly reminded of what Jesus said:

Consider how the lilies grow. They do not labor or spin. Yet I tell you, not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.Luke 12:27

It started to dawn on me that not only have those flowers indeed been dressed in such splendor and beauty, they are also dancing around in the wind as if they haven’t a care in the world.

Now, I may be a little slow, but I was pretty sure there was a lesson in there somewhere.

We were both experiencing the same wind, yet the flowers looked content and carefree, while I was dreading another blustery day.  Do the flowers know something that I don’t?  Do they have some innate sense that God takes care of their every need no matter what the circumstance?

Aside from the fact that I don’t really believe flowers have cognitive abilities, I firmly believe God has designed within creation a myriad of life lessons that are just waiting to be discovered.

In this case, the flowers were perfectly illustrating to me how God does indeed take care of EVERYTHING and is ultimately in control of EVERYTHING.

Jesus continued on after the aforementioned verse to say that we should not stress and worry; that just like the lilies in the field, our needs will be taken care of; and that rather than worry about the cares of this world, we should seek God’s Kingdom first.

In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff, or even the big stuff. Be content…don’t worry…He’s got my back.  Why stress about the wind, or anything else for that matter when there are so many positive things to dwell on?

Who would have thought that the delicate little flowers in my backyard could provide such a powerful and much needed lesson about contentment and trust?

Every morning I still look out my window to see if the flowers are getting blown around. From time to time, I even still get a little annoyed at the ever-present desert winds.  I am, however, now mindful of the great lesson my little botanical friends have so poignantly taught me.

In their own unique, wonderful way they have reminded me to simply trust that God has everything in hand, and to leave my stresses and worries at His feet regardless of the situation.  Moreover, they have given me a beautiful example of how I should act when life does not go exactly the way I want it to—when the wind blows, dance!


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Listen to the entire song, Flowers Are Dancing

Without further ado, here is the song that was inspired by my “issues” with the desert wind.  Enjoy!

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Flowers Are Dancing is from my 2nd album, A Childlike Faith. If you enjoyed the song, consider supporting my music mission by purchasing a download of the song, or the entire CD in my online store.


Thanks for reading and listening.  I’d really like to hear you thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment below.

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