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Our Family Travel Blog

Did you know we have a family travel blog where we highlight our experiences on the road? Well we do! But most people probably don’t know about it because up until now we’ve kept it quiet. Truthfully, the blog looked horrible and I was a little embarrassed to tell people about it. When we first started on our full-time music mission five years ago I haphazardly threw together a website with the thought that I would redo it shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, I never got around to it and for five years the blog remained the same old, horrible looking monstrosity.

Recently we were blessed with being able to have some time off at a cabin in the mountains of Arizona. While there I was thoroughly inspired by our beautiful surroundings to completely redo the blog with new graphics, a new logo, and a much improved user friendly layout. I’m now happy to announce that I’m no longer embarrassed about the way it looks and am ready to tell the world about it. So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to our our new and improved family travel blog, The Travel Bags.



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