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He Provides – Lyrics


He Provides
words & music by Stephen Bautista

they were wondering how they’d feed
the multitude gathering
as it swelled into five thousand
Jesus told them to pass
around what little food they had
and to their surprise they had enough to go around

he provides everything we need
he provides a blessed offering
he knows exactly what we need in life
and our gracious God provides

I have wondered myself
if all my needs would be met
while I wrestle with my own doubt
but Jesus said never fear
’cause he will always be here
and to my surprise it always seems to work out


he faithfully sustains us
with his providence and love
and his grace runs like a deep river
fully washing over us

Chorus X2


Your Sanctuary
words & music by Stephen Bautista

you lost your love today
taken from you in a senseless way
and your heart ache runs so deep
you don’t know if you can bare the pain

and I have no words
that can begin to lessen your hurt
but you should know there is…

someone to run to
someone who’ll hold you
someone who knows the pain
that’s burning inside
someone who loves you
never forsakes you
when you desperately
need a safe place to hide
let Jesus be your sanctuary

people say that you’ll get through
and that only time can heal your wounds
but there’s no comfort in those words
they won’t fill that empty space in you

but hope is not lost
there is someone who’ll carry your cross
and in him you will find…


let him bring hope
let him bring grace
let him be the source of your strength
let him bring love
let him bring peace
oh just let him be…



A Wise Man Came
words & music by Stephen Bautista

here I am wading through
another mess I’ve made
it feels like dejavu
with all the same mistakes
as often as I falter
it’s not so absurd
to think I get just what I deserve

fools never learn
they make the same mistakes
who in this world
could ever save the day
through space and time
from heaven’s reign
a wise man came

all of the plans devised
and nothing has been solved
all of the schemes I’ve tried
and I’m no better off
after every resolution
has all been said and done
I’m right back where I started from


Jesus came to save
a foolish world from it’s mistakes
there is no other name
wise enough to save the day


You Thought of Me
words & music by Stephen Bautista

when you made the universe
formed the heavens and the earth
when you planned eternity
did you really think of me?

when you breathed that living breath
made us into your likeness
when you said that you were pleased
did you really think of me?

and on the day
that we rebelled
was I in your thoughts
as your tears fell

when you left your mighty throne
to fix the damage we had done
when you became the least of these
did you really think of me?

when you were betrayed by a kiss
and felt the nails go through your wrist
when you suffered agony
did you really think of me?

and the moment when
you left the grave
was I on your mind
as the debt was paid

you wrote your word upon my heart
to say you knew me from the start
and that you planned out everything
all because you thought of me


His Kind of Love
words & music by Stephen Bautista

it’s not the kind of love affected by a
sudden whim or changing mood
it doesn’t ride on a wave of swelled emotions
that crash and break a heart in two
the love of Christ is faithful and true

His kind of love
never fails or fades away
His kind of love
last forever and a day
His kind of love
never fails or fades away
His kind of love
last forever and a day

it’s not a love that spends one moment dwelling
on the countless faults I have
it doesn’t come with a fix-it list or any
conditional demands
Jesus loves me just as I am


and there’s no greater love
than to lay down one’s life for a friend
it’s as wide as the hands he had stretched
as far as the east from the west
it’s as deep as the tomb where he lay
as high as when he rose again

Chorus X2


words & music by Stephen Bautista

weary, worn, and tattered
tossed about and battered
like a boat out on the raging sea
gone a drift and helpless
broken down, in distress
then the Lord stretched out his arms to me
now I’ll be

Chorus I
safe and warm from the storm
kept from harm in his arms
when the tempest hits me
I’m sheltered by his mercy
safe and warm from the storm

just when I had floundered
quickly going under
Jesus pulled me from the crashing waves
now that I have been kept
from sinking to a great depth
I rejoice and praise his holy name
cause I’ve been saved

Chorus I

and I sing Hallelujah

safe and warm from the storm
safe and warm from the storm

and I sing Hallelujah
I sing Hallelujah

safe and warm from the storm


Let My Imagination Run
words & music by Stephen Bautista

Lord if I may be so bold
to ask you how long it will be
but only you know the mysteries of time
so I will just wait patiently

and let my imagination run
dream about my heavenly home
contemplate, reflect, and muse
on how someday I will be there with you
until that day finally comes
I’ll let my imagination run

how I wish you would make your way back
and gather your people today
but my plans are never quite yours
so I will just patiently wait


then one day these thoughts will be replaced
with a real live conversation
while we’re sitting face to face



Going Solo
words & music by Stephen Bautista

now you’re at it again
fighting battles you will never win
enlisting an army of one
convinced you’ll be standing when it’s said and done
so self-assured, and undeterred
to go without a savior

you can fight the fight
give it all your might
but it’s a vain attempt if you go it alone
you’ll never win
going solo

you fail to understand
that it won’t turn out the way you plan
the one way you’ll hold the line
is with the savior standing by your side
to take the fall, conquer all
give you strength to be strong


don’t you know that it will never pay
(going solo)
time to finally call on Jesus name

Chorus X2


A Heart Like Yours
words & music by Stephen Bautista

you said go out into a hurting world
but am I really going out the way you would
do I try to understand what they go through
in the same way you do

with a heart
that feels the pain of others
when their heart
has been cut to the core
I need to take their hand
and show I understand
with a heart like yours

I’ll admit sometimes it’s hard for me
to express myself with words of empathy
I haven’t shown compassion when I should
or offered hope like I could


help me speak my words like they were from your lips
help me have a tender touch like your hands did
and in the same way you showed mercy
help me reach out to them



You Bless Me
words & music by Stephen Bautista

have you noticed most of my prayers
are flush with material cares
I keep asking for all of these things
like you’re some sort of vending machine
instead of focusing on a half empty glass
I should give you thanks for what I already have

you bless me in so many ways
I could go on counting ’til the end of my days
the list just continues to grow
you fill my cup until it overflows
it’s not hard to see
how you bless me

sometimes I get caught in the trap
of thinking I need this and that
so sure that the prize of the day
will make everything a-ok
funny how I think my glass ain’t full enough
when I always have more than I could ever drink up


a beautiful wife, a house full of kids
food in my belly, a roof over my head
every single thing in life that I really need
and the best thing of all
is that you bless my soul



On My Knees
words & music by Stephen Bautista

I thought if I tried
to give you my best
climb up so high
above all the rest
to a lofty perch
somehow I’d deserve
to finally see you there

I pulled myself up
stood on my pride
to get high enough
expecting that I
would see your face
from my lofty place
but there was just thin air

now I’m on my knees
and I’m off my perch
with my head out of the clouds
looking through the eyes of humility
I finally see you now
here on my knees

I tried to stand up tall enough to set myself apart
but you desire a broken spirit and a contrite heart
so here I am
Lord here I am…

…on my knees
and off my perch
with my head out of the clouds
looking through the eyes of humility
I finally see you now
I clearly see you now
you are with me now
here on my knees

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